Message from Windsurfing Canada

September 2014

The 2014 Windsurfing Season

As another successful windsurfing season in Canada draws to a close, many participants will now be looking for opportunities to train and compete in warmer climates.

We have been very pleased with the reaction to our new website which highlights the activities of Canadian windsurfers across our country and abroad. Share your stories and pictures with us so they can be enjoyed by our community.

In the next few months, Canadian windsurfers will be participating in an exciting lineup of training camps and races in warmer regions. We will continue to provide information to you on these camps and races, for example, see information(at right) about the Cocoa Beach Training Camp and New Year Windsurfing Regatta.

We thank you for your support. By joining our organization, you are assisting with the ongoing activities of windsurfers across the country.

Andree Gauthier                                       


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Date                  Location    Event
Dec 27 - Dec 31   Cocoa Beach, Florida   Cocoa Beach Training Camp
Jan 2 - Jan 4   Cocoa Beach, Florida   New Year Windsurfing Regatta
    full schedule of events here